Back to bloging and CCS

It has been over a year and a half since I blogged. This is mainly because I had (have) been writing a lot for work – my thesis, papers, reports etc. – that I could not bring myself to indulge in yet another writing ‘project’. Even though the writing for work shows no sign of reducing, I figured it is about time I started blogging. This has been prompted by a few questions my friends and acquaintances have regarding my work and Carbon Capture and Storage in particular. I will try to present my views on CCS and industrial energy efficiency.

There are quite a few blogs out there on renewables etc., but hardly anything on CCS. Hopefully this blog will serve that purpose. This does not imply that the blog will preclude all other interests if mine.



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2 responses to “Back to bloging and CCS

  1. Suzie Snyder

    Hi Rahul!

    I know it’s been years, but I’d been thinking of you recently and thought I’d see if I could contact you after Thanksgiving, but I just got home and saw the news about the attacks going on in Mumbai, so I thought I’d step up my timetable and hunt you down now. How ironic that you had just blogged here today for the first time in over a year! I really hope that all of your friends and family are safe and uninvolved in these awful events. My thoughts are with everyone affected.

    Gotta love the internet that I was able to find you so quickly. My biggest congratulations to you and Arthi on your beautiful children!

    I’ll look through your blogs, photos etc. more thoroughly after the holiday. And perhaps we can catch up a bit then as well. I look forward to hearing how you’ve been and what you’ve been up to. And again I hope all of your loved ones are safe and sound.

    All my best,
    — Suzie

  2. Rahul Anantharaman

    Hi Suzie.

    Great to hear from you. My family are safe in Mumbai – a bit shaken but safe. My father works a couple of blocks from one of the hotels attacked, but luckily he did not work late last evening.

    We should certainly catch up… been a long long while. I will email you in detail over the weekend.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


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